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Precious Metals: World Economy:
Exchange Rates:
Gold 0.00
Silver 19.11
Platinum 1,406.00
Palladium 879.00

All Commodities
Asia (AORD):
5,656.90 +27.60
Europe (ATX):
2,293.29 -4.13
NASDAQ 4,586.12 +5.85
S & P 500 1,999.37 -4.00
NYSE 11,018.96 -27.37
EUR 0.7619
JPY 105.1100
GBP 0.6063
AUD 1.0783
CAD 1.0924
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Report Accuses Islamic State Group of War Crimes

New report by Amnesty International

Military Medicine: Smaller Military Hospitals Said to Put Patients at Risk

Many of the hospitals run by the armed forces are so small and the trickle of patients so thin that doctors and nurses say their ability to properly treat serious illnesses is compromised.

Romance blossoms between German, French leaders in TV film

Imagine the president of France bringing the German chancellor croissants for breakfast after an all-night summit between the sheets. Imagine no longer: this is the premise of a primetime romantic comedy which premieres Tuesday on German TV in which a workaholic German chancellor ends up falling for a dashing French leader. All resemblances to reality have been thrown to the wind in "Die Staatsaffaere" (The State Affair) with the chancellor played by German blonde bombshell Veronica Ferres, while French actor Philippe Caroit, 54, is even better looking than former French president Jacques Chirac in his prime. While the fizz may have gone out of Franco-German relations since Francois Hollande failed to tempt pastor's daughter Angela Merkel from the narrow path of fiscal rectitude, the TV film on the SAT.

Giant Hippo Splashes Into River Thames

The artist's latest creation following his giant floating rubber duck

Putin Reportedly Says Russia Could ‘Take Kiev in 2 Weeks’

The statement, which came as NATO leaders gather in Wales for a summit meeting, added a new dimension to the tensions building in Ukraine as Russian forces become more involved in the fighting there.