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All Commodities
Asia (AORD):
4,870.90 +44.40
Europe (ATX):
1,957.05 -44.55
NASDAQ 4,266.84 -16.76
S & P 500 1,829.08 -22.78
NYSE 9,029.88 -146.84
EUR -1.0000
JPY -1.0000
GBP -1.0000
AUD -1.0000
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President Obama Taps John B. King For Secretary of Education

King has served as the Acting Secretary since Jan. 2016

Giacomo Tachis, Who Brought French Influence to Italian Wine, Dies at 82

Mr. Tachis, an oenologist by training, helped develop top-quality wines that used French grape varieties, an approach that proved transformative for the world of Italian wine.

Ex-president's lawsuits target Penn State, Sandusky report

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Penn State's ex-president has sued the university, saying it reneged on an agreement they struck when he stepped down in 2011, and filed another claiming former FBI director Louis Freeh defamed him through a blisteringly critical report about how the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal was handled.

Martin Shkreli Wants to Buy Kanye’s New Album for $10 Million

"The College Dropout" inspired the "pharma bro" to succeed

Big City: A New Charitable Project: The Projects

The de Blasio administration is supporting a nonprofit, the Fund for Public Housing, seeking donations to help the New York City Housing Authority.